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Caine’s Arcade – Cardboard Creates An Inspiration

Imagine a 9 year old kid with his own arcade, completely made of cardboard. And imagine he has customers? Well, 9 year old Caine Monroy has achieved this, with cardboard as his inspiration. Caine, who likes arcades, decided to build his own during the summer in his father’s auto part store Smart Parts. Caine created games such as basketball, soccer, claw machines, and many more. And Caine has now become an internet sensation.

Caine became famous after a filmmaker Nirwan Mullick walked into Smart Parts to buy a used door handle. Instead of buying a door handle, he got a $2 Fun Pass for Caine’s Arcade. And he so impressed he decided to make a short film about the arcade, with the approval of Caine’s father. The agreement was that he would bring some more customers. It turned out that some customers turned into many customers.

I met Cain randomly. I had to get a door handle for my ninety-six Corolla, so I pulled into this used auto parts store and I just came across this elaborate cardboard arcade. I asked him how much it was to play. He’s like, ‘For one dollar you get four turns, but for two dollars you get a fun pass.’ Cool. How many turns you get with a fun pass? He goes, ‘Five hundred turns for a fun pass.’ I got a fun pass.
-Nirvan Mullick

And through the amazing power of Facebook and Reddit, Nirwan created a Facebook event for a flash mob to surprise Caine. Well, the event got around, and started attracting customers, including NBC News.

To make this a surprise for Caine, Caine’s dad brought him to a pizza place and an arcade for a few hours. After, they drove back to the auto store, and returned to a humongous crowd of over 100 people. Nirvin stated that, “Since this film’s hit every door has been opened. You know there’s a reason I was driving a ninety-six Corolla and it’s looking like I might be able to get to make movies that I’ve been trying to make for a long time.”

Caine himself simply stated to his father, “Dad, this was the best day of my life.”

This amazing story reminds us about the power of the internet and Facebook, and how the imagination of a kid can spark greatness. The video is included below, and you can visit the website here.
Keep your head up Caine, and keep up this arcade! You are an inspiration for all kids, and can show that anything is possible!

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