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Targus Business Folio for The New iPad Review

This case is a brand new case from Targus, and is from the new refreshed line of iPad cases for the “new iPad.” According to Targus, this case is designed to be high utility, and professional on the go. This iPad case is one of the lower cost cases, and is priced at $49.99. Although there are good things about this case, I found some negatives features about the case that may detract potential buyers from purchasing this product. This case is made for the iPad 3rd generation, and the iPad 2.

This case has features meant directly for business, and is a good target market as more and more businesses are using the iPad. It features storage for your credit card, business cards, ID’s, and your stylus. The case comes included with a notepad, and a “CleanVu cleaning pad”. The cleaning pad is advertised to remove fingerprints, and the notebook is great for note-taking, especially if you are in a management position in my opinion. The stand also can convert into a hands free stand with a good viewing angle. It does close with the elastic strap embedded into the case.

I found the material of the case to be very sturdy, and I really wouldn’t be afraid if something banged against the back or front of the case. However, I have complaints about how it holds the iPad. For starters, it’s very hard to get in at first. You firstly have to slide in the iPad to the right-side “brackets.” And then inserting the iPad into the left-side brackets is very tricky and problematic. In order to fit it in, you have to fidget with the brackets a bit, and push the up, and slide the brackets up and over the iPad. And then if you want it to go convert it to their “stand view,” you actually have to remove it from the brackets totally. This is a big disappointment for me, because I want protection for my iPad at all times, and taking it out isn’t a good priority for me. Although it does provide a tight fit, it seems a bit too tight for my liking. Also, when you fold the cover over, it leaves the 3 sides of your iPad exposed. I wouldn’t mind if there are only holes for your pin connector, volume rockers, and mute switch, but leaving the whole sides unexposed isn’t great. This leaves your iPad prone to dust and dirt.

This iPad case advertised a magnetic lock, which seems to work fine according to other reviews (our media sample was sent when it was first released, and many companies did not realize the magnetic locks had shifted on the new iPad). However, it does come with a CleanVu cleaning pad. The cleaning pad works well, but it seems more like a gimmick rather than a feature to me. The same goes for the notepad, even though it could be useful in some professions.

Overall, this case does have a few positives and will provide you with a good outer and back protection, but the negative features seem to overshadow the positives. Firstly, the design needs to be changed a bit, allowing for better protection on the sides. Secondly, I really wish Targus would allow the case to convert to a stand without the need to remove it. Finally, I would really like to see the magnetic lock feature come back. It’s not a horrible case, but it’s not the best case. If you’re in business, this case could be a possible investment. For some more pictures and angles, there is an included photo gallery below.

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