WorldCard Mobile Review

If you’re in business, you most likely have an overwhelming amount of business cards from your clients. So how do we store them? A business card holder is one, but those cards keep building up! So how do we keep up in the digital age? Well, let’s file our business cards on our smartphone or tablet, with WorldCard Mobile.

WorldCard Mobile is an ingenious idea, storing your business cards and public relation contacts on a digital “business card holder” on your smartphone or tablet. The concept of this app is to scan a business card using the camera, and then it will “automatically detect” the name, company, address, phone number and other various aspects on the business card. It then stores it on your smartphone for easy storage and lookup when you need it.

This app is available on iOS and Android. I tested it on the iPad 3rd generation and it seemed to work fine. It is available in over 16 languages, such as English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese and Dutch, Czech, Greek, Hungarian, Polish, Portuguese(Brazil), Russian, Slovak, Spanish(Mexico), Turkish. This app is $6.99 in the iTunes store, and $5.98 in the Android Play store. Each language has their own native app. I downloaded the app from the Canadian App Store. It is also available on various different app stores, so this app is available and distributed pretty much globally.

This app features:

  • Fast business card recognition
  • High-speed scanning and updating
  • “Contact groups” (allows for organization such as work, school, pr contacts, etc.)
  • Merging new data into existing contacts
  • Manual cropping with your finger to focus in on certain elements of the card
  • Cover flow for your contacts
  • Email signature capture
  • QR Code capture

The app is very easy to use. From the launch screen, you press the camera icon, and you are introduced to the scanner. From here, just simply place your business card under the scanner. Be sure that your business card is in the rectangle grids on the side in order for it to properly scan. Then, you just press the capture button and it will simply take a picture of it, and using the software, it will decipher the contact information. However, the recognition was not always 100% accurate, something I was a bit disappointed by. If you are a big business mogul, it can be a pain to manually input parts of the card. It always seemed to mix up the company and the name, something that I don’t really want. However, it did however recognize the address fairly well. In the menu, there is a QR code scanner, and it does seem to recognize the QR code well, and determines the corresponding website.

I did have an issue with modern design cards scanning. If the logo is curved or the text is curved, it does seem to have a hard time recognizing according to my tests. Also, it seems to have a bit of trouble finding the company name, because almost all the times I scanned different cards, it would either mix up the company with the name, or not even recognize the company at all. It even does this for the name sometimes, which is a huge letdown. The name and the company are like the “glue” and the importance and purpose of a business card. A complaint I also have is that there is no native iPad application. For my tests, I ran the iPhone application on my iPad. But with today’s moving industry towards tablets, the company should bring a native iPad app.

Overall, this app has a good concept and purpose, but does not always seem to be accurate. I found it a bit of a pain that the app does mix up names with companies, or sometimes doesn’t even recognize an aspect at all. The app is a bit pricey at a $6.99, and the app can be more expensive depending on your language. But overall, this app is good for what it does, and is an ideal app for a business person who has lots of clients and public relation contacts. And if you liked this post and want to see more, visit us on FacebookTwitter, and Google+.


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