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iPad 3rd Generation Review

The long-awaited and anticipated iPad arrived in stores about a week ago, and has already been a hot gadget. At the moment of this article, Apple has sold over 3 million “new iPads,” but is it worth the upgrade?

The iPad 3 has a better display compared with the iPad 2nd generation. It has a “retina display,” with a resolution of 2048×1536, and 264 ppi. The retina display was one of the most anticipated new features in the “tech rumour mill.” The resolution is a huge upgrade from the previous iPad, and the resolution is better than HDTV. The new iPad has one gigabyte of RAM, and an A5X chip, which means a dual- core processor and quad-core graphics. The new iPad is still 9.50×7.31 inches, but is a bit thicker at 0.37 inches. The previous iPad was 0.34 inches. It also weighs a bit more, at 1.44 pounds compared to 1.33 pounds. It features an HD 1080p camera (30 fps) at 5 megapixels, which Apple calls “iSight.” There is also “voice dictation” to allow you to do “talk-to-text.” Finally, it features the new Bluetooth 4.0 technology. Finally, the new iPad, it does feature 4G LTE, a big “must” for the company to do. Your Canadian carries would be Telus, Rogers and Bell. Your American carriers would be AT&T and Verizon.

The new iPad does however have heating issues at the back, but not major. On the bottom left hand corner, it does seem to get a bit hot compared to the previous iPad. This heating issue comes from the bigger battery, and the power of the A5X chip. You will find this more as you play more graphic-intensive games such as Infinity Blade.

Pricing stays the same for this iPad. Please note these prices are in Canadian. It will cost you $519 for 16GB, $619 for 32GB and $719 for 64GB in the Wi-Fi model. For Wi-Fi + 4G, it will cost you $649 for 16GB, $749 for 32GB and $849 for 64GB. And don’t forget about paying for the plan.

So my opinion? If you own the previous iPad, it’s not really worth the upgrade, because are you really going to fork out $519 minimum for just a better camera, better graphics and a better display? If you are a new tablet owner, or have an iPad 1st generation, then it is worth the upgrade. If you wish to make the switch from Android to iOS, I would do that if you have the money. However, if you do own the previous iPad and really want the new one, then you should buy it, but try to sell your old iPad and get some money off it first.


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