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Final Fantasy 13-2 Review for PS3

This game sucked out 26 hours of my life. It was quite fun. The best part was the many cut scenes this game delivered. Some people think FF13-2 is a cliché and generic game but I disagree. One reviewer wrote, “The Company cares more about the graphics and cut scenes than they do crafting a interesting story”. I disagree; the story in FF13-2 really shows the love and joy of having a sibling.

Valhalla a city in a different world lives a dream, which will become reality. Final Fantasy a series by “Square Enix” has been growing and growing in popularity since the 1987 for the NES. FF13-2 adds a new aspect, allowing you to choose different conversation options. The battle system UI functions a lot faster than FF13 (1), and includes many new features like including a 3rd party member/monster. These improvements, the game really lacks motivation towards the characters, and the only sole purpose is to find Lighting.

FF13 (1) and FF13-2 has quite a similarity. The graphics in Final Fantasy 13-2 are well done. The designs and color tones are attractive and I was blown away with the colors of monsters being summoned.

This game, you acquire the full control of Noel and Serah, and sometimes a 3rd party member. Environments no longer follow a single route. There are many rooms to explore, items around the map, Final Fantasy 13-2 really encourages players to take the time to look around. You are allowed to have “free world” time even though you are doing a mission.

Some players may want to start over an area. No problem, Final Fantasy 13-2 allows players to restart the arena from scratch, letting player’s correct mistakes or just trying new things. The sense of freedom you have in Final Fantasy really makes it feel like an RPG game where discovery is your key to finishing your mission.

Overall, FF13-2 is an awesome game with intense graphics and I encourage people who don’t like RPG games to give FF13-2 a shot, and those who love RPG games would love this game.

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