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C-11 Bill Could Bring a SOPA-similar Act to Canada

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After the internet protests of SOPA and PIPA in the USA, a similar act could be coming to Canada in the very near future. And this is going to anger Canadians.

SOPA was the Stop Online Piracy Act, and caused a big internet protest. It was considered the largest online protest in the history of the internet. However and Internet and eCommerce law professor from the University of Ottawa, Michael Geist, has warned of a SOPA-like bill might be introduced to the House of Commons in the future.

While SOPA may be dead (for now) in the U.S., lobby groups are likely to intensify their efforts to export SOPA-like rules to other countries. With Bill C-11 back on the legislative agenda at the end of the month, Canada will be a prime target for SOPA style rules. In fact, a close review of the unpublished submissions to the Bill C-32 legislative committee reveals that several groups have laid the groundwork to add SOPA-like rules into Bill C-11, including blocking websites and expanding the “enabler provision”to target a wider range of websites. Given the reaction to SOPA in the U.S., where millions contacted their elected representatives to object to rules that threatened their Internet and digital rights, the political risks inherent in embracing SOPA-like rules are significant.
-Michael Geist

This bill could really target YouTube, the popular online video sharing website. This is because the Entertainment Software Association of Canada also wants “enabler provision” and further tightening of digital lock rules according to Geist. However, there are arguments that this bill could not affect YouTube, which will relieve Canadians. But we don’t know for sure yet.

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