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Adobe Premiere Elements 10 Review

Adobe Premiere Elements 10 BoxAdobe Premiere Elements 10 is Adobe’s shortened version of their major video program part of their design suite. With Elements 10, there are some new changes, and overall, it’s better than the previous versions. I was orignally using Adobe Premiere Elements 8, and upgraded to version 10 just recently. If you are looking for an upgrade from iMovie or Windows Live Movie Maker, and want a nice and simple program, this is a good movie editing tool for you.

Let’s talk some changes first. One big change is that it is now 64-bit software for Windows 7. If you used previous versions of Premiere Elements, you would have some lag when editing your videos. Now I found in this version, there is none. So that made my happy. Premiere also included a “pan and zoom” feature for your photos. That way, it will automatically zoom into the faces of the people in your photos. Also, there are some new themes and transitions to go along with the update.

Also in the update, you can now share your videos immediately on video sharing sites, such as Facebook and Youtube. You can also save now in AVCHD format  (Advanced Video Coding High Definition), and also you can tag your photos faster with your Facebook friend list in the organizer. For Mac users, you can use SmartSound to add musical soundtracks that will automatically adjust to match the length of your movie.

Premiere Elements 10 is a good movie program, especially if you are looking to upgrade from iMovie or Windows Live Movie Maker. It retails for $79.99USD and it can be combined with Photoshop Elements 10 for $119.99USD. But you should wait until a sale comes along to buy this.

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