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Facebook Timline – What it is and How to Get it

FBTimelineBack in September, Facebook CEO unveiled the new look of Facebook at the F8 conference…called Facebook timline. After delays, and last week’s launch in New Zealand, Facebook has finally released their new timeline feature. Let’s look at what it means for you, and how to enable it now.

So what is Timeline? Basically it’s “about you.” It will show all the status a person has put since joining Facebook. I looked up my first status, and it said “”Hey guys. I finally have Facebook. Add me as friends please.” Wow…good memories. Facebook says that Timeline are “your stories.” You can also view in chronological order all your status and some of your game events. I forgot about playing Farmville back in 2009. You can share and highlight your most memorable posts, photos and life events on your timeline. This is where you can tell your story from beginning, to middle, to now. So now you can relive some of your greatest moments on Facebook, or those “no-so-great” moments. Also, there may be some new privacy options.

So when you look at the new timeline, you’ll now see an option for a banner at the top of your page. Facebook calls it a “cover.” It can be an image, a picture, pretty much anything you want except for gifs and videos. This makes your Facebook profile more “customizable” and gives it a more unique feel.

Fill this wide, open space with a unique image that represents you best. It’s the first thing people see when they visit your timeline.

Now of course with every Facebook change, there is usually a downside. There’s now some really freaky new features. People can actually see what you are doing….kind of. Kobo, Spotify, Nike andOpeh Graph with Spotify Netflix are some websites that have gone to this new feature, which I believe is called Open Graph. What it means if you watch a movie on Netflix, it will say “Your name watched Shrek.” Spotify took it further with “Your name is listening to I Gotta Feeling” and then your friend can also listen to that song too. Oh, and let’s not forget Nike tracking where you run. So yeah…this feature is not for me. So I reccommend not connecting your Facebook to these services, because this is the ultimate stalking tool. But then again, Facebook kind of is, but now just one step further.

So you’re like…ok enough of this, how do I enable it? It’s pretty simple. Just go to and you should be able to enable it. Of course you can wait a week before they’re all converted over to the new look.

Facebook Timeline is an interesting new concept, no doubt. I like some new aspects such as the banner. It makes my profile look different than others than that generic old look. With the old one, all you could basically do to customize was use those profile pictures to make a long image. But what I really don’t like is the new Open Graph concepts, tracking every single thing I do. There wil be a change also rolling out the the Facebook mobile app very soon. Yes people will complain about this new design, but that happens every time Facebook unveils something new.

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