Head2Head: Kindle Fire vs. Kobo Vox

Kindle Fire

Updated on Nov 8/2011

Welcome to a Head2Head battle between the new Kindle Fire and the Kobo Vox. Both are brand new tablets, and reflect upon “book” companies Amazon and Kobo. Head2Head is a new section on JTS, where we compare two similar products, and in my opinion, I will tell you the best one! I’ll choose a winner for each section with points, and whichever product has the most

Kobo Vox

Kobo Vox

points wins the Head2Head! Because this is my first Head2Head, we’ll update the article soon. But as we get more of these reviews, I’ll expand the sections. Let’s get started~

Section 1: Design and Build

Kindle Fire is a nice 7″ tablet, and displays 16 million colours in high resolution. Amazon claims it uses IPS, aka in-plane switching, for an extra wide viewing angle. But that’s a feature copied from the iPad (and they even said so on their site!). It is 7.5″ by 4.7″ by 0.45″, and weighs 14.6 ounces. On the other hand Kobo Vox is also a 7″ tablet. It features the  FFS+ screen, for extra wide viewing angle for shared reading. It also has a quilted backing, their signature idea. It also comes in 4 colours in the back (Pink, Green, Blue, and Black). It is 7.57″ by 5.06″ by 0.53″, and weighs 14.2 ounces.

On this section, Kobo Vox takes it with 8.5 points, because of their variety, as people have different styles. With the Kindle Fire, you only get one colour selection with a slimmer tablet, so it gets a score of 7.5.

Section 2: The Features

Each device runs a modified version of Android, but will not feature the Android Market. Now with the Fire, Amazon has PACKED it! First off, you get free cloud storage with Amazon to store your digital content such as books, movies, music and apps. Amazon has an MP3 store with over 17 million songs, and has a massive collection of books. You also get Amazon Whispersync, to stream to your TV, as well as an Email app, document reader (Word and PDF), as well as a free month of Amazon Prime. Kobo just can’t compare. You get the Kobo library, music, video, social networking, and book reviews.

Easy enough for me, Kindle Fire takes the section with 9.5 points. There is more features they offer than the Vox. The Vox takes 7 points.

Section 3: Pricing and Availability 

Both tablets sell for $199. However, The Fire is only available in the USA. The Vox is available in Canada AND the USA at the  moment. Even though the Fire may pack more features, it’s going to be bad for Canadian consumers. You look at a $199 tablet versus a $500 Android tablet or iPad. That’s a good, budget friendly choice!

Because of availability , the Vox wins the section with 8 points. Fire takes 7 points.

Section 4: Storage & Battery Life

The Kindle Fire has 8GB of internal storage, with approximately 6GB available for the user. That’s 80 apps, plus 10 movies or 800 songs or 6,000 books. It has 8 hours of battery, with a 4 hour charging time. The Vox on the other hand also has 8GB of internal storage, but can be expanded to 32 GB SD card option (but that will cost you extra money). It will have 7 hours of battery life, but no specified charging time. The Kindle Fire WINS the section with 8 points because I don’t want to fork out extra money for a micro SD card to expand it. It has a better battery life, and most likely, a better charging time. The Vox takes 6.5 points.

I originally chose the VOX as the winner, but I have reconsidered. Even though I originally said I wouldn’t need all the features, it’s actually kind of nice to have that. It offers better services than what you would get from the Vox, but I’m sure it will be more popular than the Vox when the Fire hit’s Canadian markets. If you are looking for a full review on the Kindle Fire (a first look) click here!

The scores averaged out are:

Kindle Fire: 80% vs. the Kobo Vox: 75%

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