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Apple iPhone 4SYesterday at the Apple Headquarters in Cupertino, Calafornia, Apple launched the iPhone 4S at their Let’s Talk iPhone event. And yes, there was no iPhone 5 at the launch yesterday. iPhone 4S is the next generation of the iPhone, following the iPhone 4 last year. Still, iPhone 4S is lacking in 4G.

So what’s new in the iPhone 4S? Well, the design seems to be very similar. The shell is the same, and there is no slimmer design as speculated. However, some hardware has changed. It now includes the Apple A5 chip, with dual core processing. The camera has been upgraded to 8 megapixels, with 5 lens, adding more light to your photos. As well, the video recording is now in HD. With video, it now has stabilizing features so your video won’t be shaky.

Next, let’s talk about iCloud. iCloud is a feature that is going to save your apps, documents, music, iCLoudvideos, pictures, and similar features “in the cloud.” So for example, if you take a picture or buy music with an iPod, it will be pushed to your iPad, iPhone and iTunes on your computer. It does this all through Wifi connection.

Next, is iOS 5. iOS 5 is the next version of the mobile OS software from Apple. It’s taking up over half of the market share, with Android close behind. In iOS 5, you’ll get new features such as iOSnotification center, iMessage, Reminders, Twitter Integration and much more. Some new features they announced are more enhancements to photo editing, such as cropping. Also, they released a new app called “Cards.” And no, this is not a card game. They are greeting cards that you can make and send to the US or around the world. Fees are $2.99 in the USA, and $4.99 everywhere else in the world.

Last, but not least, is Siri. Siri is the next version of Voice Control from Apple. And Apple has Sirireally taken this to the next level. Now, you can ask it more controls, and Siri will respond. At the Keynote, Scott Forstall asked, “What is the weather?” Siri replied and showed him the 5 day forecast, using information from the Apple weather app. You can expand your question too. Scott even asked, “Do I need a umbrella?” and Siri responded. This is a very interesting feature, and probably the highlight of the whole keynote. Siri can understand complex phrases, and can respond to you. Of course at this moment, it is still in beta testing. I have included a Siri video below from Apple.

I am your humble personal assistant.

So now you may ask…why no iPhone 5? I think I’ve uncovered the mystery. Usually, phone contracts are 2-3 years. To me, it would be pointless to unveil the iPhone 5. If we look back, it went iPhone 3, next year iPhone 3GS, then the year after iPhone 4. So iPhone 5 will most likely be released next year.

So that’s the iPhone 4S. I will post a new article soon on the whole Apple event soon. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter, and soon on Google Plus.

*Images and video copyright of Apple Incorporated.


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  3. […] Next, we had the “disappointing” Apple event on October 4th. This was the first keynote event for CEO Tim Cook. No new iPods were released at this event. However, iPhone 4S was released, with Siri. Also, iCloud & iOS 5 released at this time, and soon after, iTunes Match. To read more about the iPhone 4S, click here. […]

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