Kindle Fire

The Brand New Kindle Fire

Earlier this week, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos announced new Kindle e-readers, and also the brand new Kindle Fire. It’s a brand new tablet that can play movies, watch shows, play apps, browse the net, and of course, read e-books. It will run on an altered version of Android, and the price tag is very attractive, at a price of $199 USD.

We believe that the launch of an Amazon tablet will significantly boost the tablet market and inject a much needed competitor to Apple’s iPad
-Adam Leach

Let’s start off with the touchscreen. You get a 7″ touchscreen with 16 million colours, and the glass is manufactured by Corning Gorilla Glass.

Next, let’s talk about movies, music, and TV shows. It looks like in order to get all this, you’ll need an Amazon Prime account, costing $79/year. But you can get your first month free. With Prime, you’ll get unlimited movies and tv shows, just like Netflix. However, if you will be watching lots of shows and movies, it will be worth the investment of $79.

Next, let’s talk about hardware. It seems like it will run an altered version of Android, and will have a dual-core processor. It weighs 14.6 ounces, and has about an 8 hours battery life (about 2-3 hours less than iPad), and takes about 4 hours to fully charge. Some extra features you’ll get is FREE Amazon Cloud storage. Some featured applications include Amazon’s own email feature. And they will have an app store to have apps such as Angry Birds.

Last feature is Amazon’s Whispersync technology. You can stream movies and TV shows from your Amazon Fire, and stream it directly to TV. This is similar to the Apple Airplay service. For a list of compatible TVs, click here.


Release is set for November 15, 2011 in the USA. There is not set release date for Canada.

There are of course, more features. To go in depth, visit the Amazon Site. Don’t forget to follow on Facebook and Twitter! And we’re coming to Google Plus very soon!


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