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RFID Technology Dangers

RFID Scanner Radio Frequency Identification is a technology using radio waves to transfer data via an electronic tag. Examples are used in package tracking and entering secured buildings. It is used in the Paypass system too. But now they’re in credit and debit cards. All you would have to do is wave your card in front of a RFID scanner, and presto, your transaction is complete. But, a huge risk is that it can be compromised. It can take your credit card information. It can be compromised because it’s easy to buy a RFID credit card reader online.

When I actually ordered a reader online, I thought, “It can’t be this easy.”
-Walt Augustinowicz (Founder of Identity Stronghold)

But it gets worse. USA passports now use this technology. So say if someone compromised your information, and they’re a criminal that looked like you, they could go to Canada as you!  And in Canada, we have enhanced drivers licenses to get into the USA. It might be in Canadian passports too. RFID even warned the federal government about their own technology!

The technology used in the enhanced drivers licenses are not safe, and not secure. They can be read from a larger range distance.
-President of RFID Canada

So how can you protect yourselves? USA and Canada are issuing protective sleeves. You can also buy protective sleeves from a company called Identity Stronghold. 

Now with the Paypass system with RFID, are we now compromising our own security? It’s very convenient, but we’re putting our security at risk. Do you think that RFID is a good idea, especially in our passports and enhanced driving licenses? Give your thoughts here, or on our Facebook or Twitter page.

*Some information based on 16×9 The Bigger Picture
**Image copyright of Mastercard and Vivo Tech


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