Lytro Camera Technology

LytroAre you a photo person? Have you ever wanted to take a picture, and refocus it after? Then, you should check out the Lytro Camera Technology. This was featured on BBC Click a few weeks ago.

So how does this cool technology work? It is based on Plenoptics. Plenootic (cameras) use microlens array to capture a 4D light field information about a scene. Investors put in $50 million in this idea. And you can share these pictures via your social networks such as Facebook and Twitter.

So how can you change the pictures? They have examples on their website. So what you do is choose your image, and click on the specific spot you want to “sharpen.” This results in a nice and clear effect. And the best part is, it will be interactive to other people, even if they don’t have a Lytro Camera.

Lytro’s engineers and scientists have taken light fields out of the lab – miniaturizing a roomful of cameras tethered to a supercomputer and making it fit in your pocket.

So could Plenoptics be the future of photo editing? I’m pretty sure that this technology will come to software such as Photoshop in the near future.

I will post more information in the coming months when I get my email from Lytro.

For more info on Lytro cameras, you can watch a video from BBC Click.

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