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Today, Playfish launched the long anticipated Facebook application, The Sims Social. The success of the original Sims games for PC and game consoles made this an anticipated app. However, when it was released today, many people wanted to get in. And this led to people getting the “Bad Gateway” sign. It also showed the “technical difficulty” sign as well. But I got in finally, and here is a summary of the Sims Social.

Now if you get in finally, the “Create a Sim” process is very easy. Like previous Sims

Welcome Screen

Create your Sim Page

games, you can fully customize your Sim from their hair to clothes. You don’t get to choose that many traits though. But this process is relatively easy.

I was a bit disappointed with gameplay, because I’ve played the Sims 3 before. The graphics aren’t as good, and you don’t get a “Town Map” which means you really don’t have a job. But the purpose of this game was to socialize with your friends.

Interaction was OK. You can visit your friends, interact with them (like chat, argue, etc). And when you’re at home, you get the basics such as use the computer, cook, sleep, and more.

The music for this is the regular Sims 3 music. So that’s nice.

So overall, it would be pretty good if you’ve never played the Sims before. However, if you’re a Sim player, this might seem a bit disappointing, but it’s a good game for social interaction.

Below is a simple screenshot of the game when you start out.



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10 comments on “The Sims Social Review

  1. Reminds me of sims online….i want to play badly…..

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  3. Free Games (=_=)…

    The Sims Social Review « Jordan's Tech Stop…

  4. This game is very similar to the first SIMS game. I love it, because it has its own new twist into it (i.e. asking your friends for tools and materials needed to build a furniture or an appliance.) Also, the non-addictive factor (which is the energy limit) keeps it G-rated and totally exciting! 🙂 The relationships with real-life sim players are also really cool!

  5. Hello. excellent job. I did not imagine this. This is a excellent story. Thanks!

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