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Welcome the Chromebook

A few minutes ago, Google announced the release of the Chromebook. This is a new laptop being released by Google Inc. You will need a Google account.

Some major notes are that the Chromebook has no internal storage. It’s basically a new kind of laptop that is run “though the cloud.” It runs on Chrome OS. This is a good laptop basically if you want to surf the web. This means that if you lose your Chomebook, everything is stored online, so you can log into another Chromebook, and still have your apps and documents saved. Cool eh?I also think that this would be good for education for researching projects. Also, the boot time is 8 seconds, and software updates come every week.

Chrome OS is basically the Chrome browser. It has the Chrome Web Store, which includes Angry Birds (yay!). You can create your documents though the Google Docs service.

Some advice. Don’t get this if you don’t have wireless internet or internet connection. Otherwise it’s worthless. Now devleopers are working on apps to be avaliable offline. However, Angry Birds has done that.

The price tag starts at around $349. Samsung and Acer have announced that they will ship Chromebooks. It is also avaible in 3G.

This is a basic laptop. If you just want to browse the net and do a few documents , and maybe play Angry Birds, this is a good laptop for you. It isn’t practical if you always do major research projects.

From what I can see, I give this a 7.5/10. It needs more offline apps, especially Google Docs.


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One comment on “Welcome the Chromebook

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