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OS X Lion releases today!

OK, so the new software for Mac got released today on July 20 of 2011. This is the new installment for MacBooks and so on. After looking at it on the Apple website and watching keynotes, here’s my take.

I think Apple is becoming too reliant on the iOS software. It now features gestures on their trackpads similar to the gestures on iOS software. It seems that all products from Apple are going into what Steve Jobs says, “a post PC world.”

Some notable new features are the Launchpad, which keeps apps “in one place.” These apps can be downloaded through the Mac App Store, again, similar to the iOS App Store. Of course, “mission control” is back, which gives you a view of all open windows and your apps opened. Also,  there are “multi-touch gestures” like I said before, are similar to iOS gestures. Examples are pinch to zoom, swipe to navigate, etc.

Also, because of multi-touch gestures to scroll, the scroll bar is out and only shows when you scroll to maximize the screen size.

Installing Lion is now different. There is no disc, and is downloadable through the Mac App Store. This in Apple words makes it the “easiest upgrade ever.” It requires 2GB memory and 7GB of available space.Best of all, you only need one update to download it on all of your Macs.

And don’t forget that iCloud will also enhance your Mac experience coming this fall.

The pricing has gone down too. Significantly. Usually, Mac upgrades were $129. Now, it is $29.99. Not bad, eh? This is a very good move by Apple, which makes updating more affordable (given the price you pay for a Mac!).

I will give a more in depth preview when I get my hands on a laptop with OS X Lion. Keep your eyes on Jordan’s Tech Stop, and this is what I see so far.

More Specifications:

You need Intel Core 2 Duo, Core i3, i5, i7 or Xeon, and the latest Snow Leopard.


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One comment on “OS X Lion releases today!

  1. […] On June 6 was the Apple World Wide Developers Conference. As it presented many new additions to Apple, this was the last time we saw Steve Jobs give a keynote speech. At WWDC, we saw the release of Mac OS X Lion. This was Apple’s new OS for their Macs. We also saw a preview of iOS 5, as the SDK was released to developers. Finally, we saw the release of iCloud and iTunes Match. For more information on OSX Lion, click here. […]

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