IE9 vs Firefox 5 vs Chrome 12

Internet Explorer 9, Mozilla Firefox 5, and Google Chrome 12 are used widely today. These are the current versions of the browsers as of today (July 15/2011). But what’s the best one to use? There are SO MANY opinions out there, but here is mine.

Each browser has their own different design, from how the tabs are placed, and how the forward/back buttons look. Now, Firefox and Chrome let you choose a “theme” for your browser, allowing you to change the feel to how you desire. Internet Explorer is one browser that doesn’t support it. Fig 1 on the left shows the three browsers side by side on a Windows 7 computer with a 23″ screen.

Google Chrome’s tab placement is on top of the address bar, which allows you to clearly sea the text of your tabs and their corresponding favicon. This allows for a more “open” address bar, and more space for the forward/back, refresh and home buttons. However, this feature will bring down how much of the webpage you can see without scrolling. But most people can live with that.
Internet Explorer 9 is very different from Chrome. The tab placement comes standard next to the address bar. This purpose was to allow the user to have more of the webpage open. Although this is a very innovative idea, I personally don’t like this, especially if you have lots of tabs open with a small monitor. I’d be very hard to see what tabs are which.
Mozilla Firefox
has similar features to IE and Chrome. It almost combines the best features of all browsers into one. The tab format falls similar to the one used in Chrome.

Menu Bars:
Google Chrome’s menu bar is on the right hand side of the menu bar with the little wrench image. Simple and clean. I like it very much.
Internet Explorer’s menu bar is located also on the right hand side of the menu bar with an image of a wheel like design. It seems very similar to the Google Chrome location o.O
Mozilla Firefox’s menu bar is different. It has on the top left hand side an orange rectangle with the word “Firefox”

Cool Features:
Google Chrome has some features. Earlier this year, they launched the Chrome Web Store. This allows you to have apps on your tab page. Basically, they redirect you to another website (for example, Google Docs).
Internet Explorer is pretty plain. All you can do (and only for Windows 7 users) is to drag a website down to your taskbar, which allows advisability to IE9. And it will change the back button to the corresponding colour of the favicon. Not really that exciting, because most webpages don’t allow special features for it. Only sites such as Bing, Twitter, and BBC have special features.
Mozilla Firefox added some really cool features though! The most notable are app tabs, and my favourite! This allows you to take your most favourite webistes (aka, Gmail), and use the favicons as little tabs that are easy to access. All you have to do is right click the webpage, and press “Pin as App Tab.” They also have add-ons that are downloadable from the Firefox add-ons site.

From my timings with a stopwatch (sorry couldn’t do anything better) to load the website.

Chrome: 4.40 seconds
Firefox: 4.34 seconds
IE: 6.09 seconds

As estimated, Firefox and Chrome would be very close. These timings are not precise, but a general idea of what to expect. Internet Explorer isn’t that fastest browser.


Firefox is the best all around browser for me. It has add ons like Internet Browser Security, and app tabs to quickly go to desired websites. It allows me to have a fast, and safe web browsing experience. This browser I believe is the best one to use for surfing the web fast and securely.

I hope that IE9 will allow you to change themes and have add ons. Maybe that will come out in IE10.
Firefox is going on well, after the delay to Firefox 4.
Chrome is off to a start after launching the Chrome Web Store. We’ll see more apps hopefully, but until now, Angry Birds is good for me! But it will be interesting to see what they develop, since the Chromebook is set to release in the coming months,


Firefox = 9/10
Chrome = 8.5/10
IE = 5/10


What’s your opinions on your favourite browser? Select your favourite.


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  1. try throwing safari into the mix!

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