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iOS 5.0 is NOW announced

Finally, what I’ve been waiting for iOS 5.0! And THIS WILL be a game changer!

From what I see, there are some MAJOR changes in the iOS. Here’s my take…

What I’ve been waiting for. A NEW application feature. Don’t you find that it’s annoying that it stops your game to give you a notification? Now, it comes as a small piece of text at the top of your app, and doesn’t disturb this.

A New “TOP” (which is called Notification Center):
You know where the time is? Now, you can drag it down, to reveal notifications, or notification center. This reveals your notifications, as well as weather and stocks if you choose. A good idea for the changing iOS.

The “Cloud”:
The cloud is something I’ve been waiting for ever since I got an iPod. Instead of the painstaking task of plugging in your iPod/iPhone/iPad to your computer, now you can do it all wireless! This will be a free service from Apple, and will give you 5GB of storage on the cloud to store what you need. I believe some Apps, and music will NOT count towards this, but it’s more like documents. And it will save your last 1000 photos FREE of charge, and these photos will go to your other Apple devices. This photo feature will be called “Camera Roll.”

So, what about MoblieMe?
Mobile Me was a service by Apple for storage. It usually cost $99/year. However, since of iCloud, they will be no longer continuing this service. Sorry to all those Mobile Me users who are paying so much. So this will probably mean that FindMyDevice app will be free from Apple now.

Cool, I want it! But what devices can I use this on?
So, here are the supported Apple products.

iPad = iPad 1st generation, 1Pad 2nd generation, iPad 3rd generation when it comes

iPhone = iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 5 when it comes out (and possibly iPhone 5 pro if my information is correct)

iPod touch = iPod 3rd generation, iPod 4th generation, iPod 5th generation when it comes out

More information:

iOS 5 =

iCloud =


From what I see, I give iOS 5.0 a 10/10 review!!! 


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One comment on “iOS 5.0 is NOW announced

  1. […] Some other changes are the back being made of aluminium. There is also possibilities of a tapered back. Looking at the new iPhone pictures, the Facetime camera looks the same at the top, and camera has the same design in the back. iPhone will obviously include the new software iOS 5 with features such as iCloud. For more info on iOS 5 click here. […]

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